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Alice Kolb is the author of numerous magazine articles and books showing step-by-steps ranging from classic techniques to innovative embellishment. Fascination with the historic crazy quilt created Sew Crazy (2001, AQS), a classic creative textbook of sewing machine potential using decorative stitches and threads. Interest in machine adaptation lead to Sashiko Made Simple (1990, Bernina) - one of the first machine books on this classic technique. Her contributions to magazine articles and sewing how-to columns have appeared in numerous well known needle or quilting magazines.

A short list of Alice's contributions to books and publications in the sewing industry:

Sew Crazy, 2001, AQS (machine crazy quilt)
Rodale Press, 2001, Successful Quilting Library Creative Embellishments-machine embroidery
Crazy Patch by Machine, 1997, Bernina of America
Threads and Needles, 1995, Sewing Information Resource
Sashiko Made Simple, 1990. Bernina of America (machine-stitched sashiko)

American Quilter Magazine
Traditional Quilter
Creative Needle
Varied newspaper copy

Pictured to the left my article on decorative machine stitching is included in the July 2010 issue of Threads magazine.

From Alice:

To write copy has been a part of my stronghold for many years, perhaps since working on elementary school reports about famous people, cities and vacation. I've always enjoyed the journey of research, organization and summation of words and ideas to the final draft. It was a buzz years ago; I feel the same today.

Last summer I came upon an opportunity to study a creative approach to non-fiction. It was a week long seminar, away from home, on a college campus. All the components felt right and I signed on. One week later I knew I had found a lost voice. From morning to late evening my mind's energy organized a topic into prose, gleamed from the clustering of words about me and prompts provided by the classroom instructor. Homework and readings from fellow students excited me. I could not find a time boundary with words they were challenging and fun.

Now a year later, I'm writing and submitting articles to my favorite publications. I've found a fabulous writers group in my home town and joined state organizations to gain awareness of extended educational opportunity. I'm writing how-to's referencing my love of garments, quilts and the endless options of needle and thread. In addition, the world of physical fitness at the grandmother stage of life, and the joy of grandbabies and my involvement with Quilting Adventures all provide bounty for articles. And to share with you, my quilting comrades, I've begun a monthly blog. I hope you'll read my thoughts, review my book recommendations, thoughts for daily living and side trips I discover along the way. And of course, send me stories and photos about your daily walk.

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