Supply List for Stitch a Connection - Sashiko Class

  • FOR ALL CLASSES supply list
  • Denim or twill fabric in solid or near-solid color (indigo is the traditional fabric used for sashiko—if you don’t want that color, make your choice in another near-solid—then contrast the decorative thread color (example: red fabric with gold topstitching thread)

    to pre-wash or not? If you want the project to be washable in finished form—pre-wash fabric. If dry-cleanable, skip the pre-wash step.

  • Fusible woven interfacing to match yardage of project—prefuse to fabric prior to class.
  • chalk pencil that will SHOW on fabric and hand sharpener (eye pencil sharpener is usually a good choice)
  • cutting mat with grid lines drawn on it and a see-thru grid marked ruler (quilter’s ruler)
  • topstitch 100 needles and 2-5 topstitch thread spools in contrast to fabric—1 spool all-purpose thread in fabric color

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