Supply List for Baskets, Posies & More Class

For each 10" square:

  • FOR ALL CLASSES supply list
  • Select fabrics with contrast between background/basket and flowers
  • muslin or small print (tone on tone or subtle) background- 12/13”
  • basket fabric—12 inch square in high contrast solid or near solid Posies and leaves…
  • 10-12 coordinated scraps ˝ fat quarters or full fat quarters suited to flowers; 1-3 ˝ fat quarters of greens for leaves and stems
  • stabilizers/fusibles (as in FOR ALL CLASSES list) optional: sashing to trim block—1 yard of contrast coordinated color If finishing is your goal, bring border fabric, backing, binding and quilt batting to match desired finished size.
  • assorted threads and coordinated needles for posie embellishment (refer to FOR ALL CLASSES list)
  • optional: decorative items to accent baskets and posies—small beads;beading needles; trims or topstitching thread to embellish basket

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