Sites I love: - creativity

O’Keefe Museum - Georgia O’Keeffe museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Museum of New Mexico - overview of museum showings in Santa Fe

Threads Magazine - excellent sewing how-to magazine

Quilt Mania - my favorite, favorite quilt magazine - a site for preschool teachers - fits me perfectly! - a devotional site that is truly a blessing

Useful Business Sites::

Bernina of America

Holly Knott - outstanding web designer-she is great- helped me design, then update

Art Biz Coach - Alyson B Stanfield’s useful art business weekly email

Shopping Sites:: - wow! - interesting hand made buttons

Artemis Exquisite Embellishments - wonderful ribbon, trims

Sewing - patterns, tips, seminars - tips, stencils, fabric/garment restructuring- great!

Cheap - art supplies

Seminars and Enrichment:

Creations Fabrics - Kerrville, TX

Quilting Adventures - Texas

Quilts, Inc. - Houston, TX based international quilt show