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MUCH ADO ABOUT MUSH ~~ To develop a successful personal direction in quilts and wearables is a mental process involving the transition of many ideas into one or two strong ideas. It is factoring new stitching directions into familiar stitching territory-be it a favorite pattern or technique. From outrageous confusion of "too many ideas" come to a focused plan.

MAMA'S PRIDE ~~ From the craziness of the stitchery fad of the later 1800's evolves the love and fascination of today's version of the crazy quilt-perhaps a bit more controlled in color and style, maybe a bit more personal in flair, --by machine and hand, let's walk through the fantasy of this stitch merriment!

TRUNK SHOW ~~ Need ideas, input and some pattern possibilities for your next project? I'll bring a big stack in wide variety-jackets, vests and quilts-and we'll explore how they came together, finished-from problems to success! You can try on, discuss and analyze, all with the plan it will help your design ideas develop. (If flying to destintation...due to the strict weight requirements on airflights, reimbursement of "overweight" luggage will be required.)

TEXAS QUILTS-then and now ~~ The stories of Texas quilts are as varied as Texas women. The simple stories tell not only of yesterday, but of today. You'll be amazed at the common bond of needle and thread-to the heritage of each of us.

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